Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Photoshop Blunders!

I don't pride myself to be a software person. But over the past three days, I've been indulging and over-indulging in Photoshop. Yes. I hate that software. But I had a good set of laughs coming up with lewd posters of my classmates (and in one case, myself). Here, have a look.

This is my personal favorite. I spent about two hours on this. Ignore the copy (at your own risk).
This was my first ever design.
Pretty basic, yes. But I got to know what layers thanks to this.
Here's to my beloved roommate :)
It took me nearly half an our to crop Avani into a proper egg :P
I'd promised Goofy a poster. So here :)

I think Photoshop will develop into an addiction. If it does, then thanks to all the people who posed innocently, unaware that they would go on to be scrutinized digitally later on. 


  1. I liked the first one... nice shit!!!

  2. @last poster - bahahahahahahaha !!!!! :D
    good job abhi :)

  3. I Liked the layers one. Pretty simple, yet tells you what you have to tell. Pretty ad-like.
    The rest are silly experiments which will pass with time. :P

  4. Nice specially the d guru one :)

  5. you under estimate yourself by calling it photoshop blunders . :) good job bro . keep the effort going.

  6. Amazing work on photoshop, and I am sure it'll become an addiction. Its actually a very good software.

  7. Nice work :)
    I liked the ad guru, director saab and the gufran best!