Friday, December 31, 2010

What's not to 'Like'?

Having spent more than three years on Facebook, I can safely say I'm networking veteran now. I've watched as Facebook has grown from 'that poke-wala site' to the revelation that spelled doom for Orkut.

Everyday you 'Like' tonnes of stuff your friends post. So much so, that the word 'Like' has now been reduced to a mere button. Back when I was in high school, 'I like you' was a potent little proposal; not as dangerous as an 'I love you' but far more effective than an 'I think I have a crush on you'. And today, well, the less spoken the better.

So on the last day of the decade, I will give you some invaluable advice. I will tell you what NOT to 'Like' on Facebook. Here's the list.

  • Gangadhar Raman posted this 5 minutes ago | Gangadhar Raman likes this.

No. You may love your writing. But please, don't 'Like' your own posts. The moment you do, the world will know you're inspired by Kamal R Khan.

  • Gangadhar Raman went from 'in a relationship' to 'single'.

You may feel a sense of euphoria after breaking our dear Gangadhar Raman up. But that doesn't mean you gloat in public. You're no Saif and our Gangadhar is no Shahid.

  • Gangadhar Raman > Saif Ali Khan: 'You traitor. You left your polka-dots underwear in my handbag!'
Go ahead and snigger. But don't 'Like' this one. You'll land in trouble the next time you meet Saif.

  • Girly A > Girly B: 'I miss you <3 Love you <3 Muuahh! xoxo'
Did she say she misses YOU? Then why're you 'Liking' it you dolt? Remember, this post can be liked only by 'Girly B'.

  • Gangadhar Raman | 'borreedddd!'
Trust me, you're boredom exceeds Gangadhar Raman's if you 'Like' this one. 

  • Any page that goes like 'If U LuV mE dEn Y dnt U ShOw Ur LOve....hOw D hEll wILL I Noe DAMIt!!!!!' or 'lyf widout u is nt complete how to tell u dis?' or 'Justin Beiber'
Well you can go ahead and 'Like' these. Just don't come crying and tell me people suddenly started ignoring you.

  • Gangadhar Raman | 'Lost my beloved great aunt today :(( RIP! i guess idlis are nt gud 4 health'
Now you may agree with Gangadhar's words of wisdom towards the end of his status message. But remember! His Great Aunt died. So, a 'Saif likes this.' below someone's death announcement is not cool.

I hope you're wiser now. If you already were, you're a networking veteran yourself. If not, I'm sure this helped. Thanks for reading. 

Tata :)

P.S. No offence to any Gangadhar Raman, living or fictional, whatsoever. 

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