Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Of Camels and Boobjobs

I beg of you to leave if you expected some sleaze when you saw the title. There is a reason this is not an 'Adults Only' space.

Now that my disclaimer is done, I intend to begin.

In a time very dissimilar to today lived I. (See, don't confuse I to be yours truly. I is the character created by yours truly that resembles yours truly). So, where was I?

Right, I bathed in sorrow and despair for a while. He looed for hours and slept to forget his troubles. He watched D-Grade Kannada movies and championed noble causes such as playing cricket with kids half his height and quarter his age. And then, I joined the National Academy for Learning.

Like a fish out of water, I disintegrated in his first year in NAFL. Funnily though, the absolute rate of decay of I's cerebral entities seemed slowed, almost delayed. I had come to terms with the existence of another being not unlike himself who relied more on impulse rather than mechanics to live his life.

I and him took to each other like hydrophobic tails cling on to the micelle center. They laughed, chatted, discussed, argued, fought, bunked Edurite, bunked T.I.M.E, criticized, analyzed, summarized and immortalized friendship. Legend has it that him trusted I so much, he gave him his Facebook password. And what did I do?!

That's that about him. Next comes Camel. I knew Camel before NAFL, but instead of strengthening their relationship here they drifted apart. I regrets that even today. But I had his moments with Camel. I fondly remembers Camel spilling an entire bottle of Chocolate Milk on him, Camel and I loved their fights in the Basketball Court. I and Camel even spoke over the phone now and then. Today Camel turns eighteen. I wonders how Camel made it but is nevertheless very happy for her. Camel is working tirelessly to become a doctor. I has already predicted mysterious deaths for Camel's to-be-victims.

Plenty more characters made memorable cameos during those twenty odd months at NAFL. Yours truly is tired of assigning codenames to each and everyone of them. So I suppose they merely merit mentions: Dooks, Bha, Shaurya, Vaman, Shubi, Sankey, Shash, Cock, Gowda, Nish, Akshu, Pari, Shivanth, Arvind, Ramitha (I's lifelong friend), and others. With y'all, life was easy.

I for once, had dived into oblivion.
I stood in the center of the fifty feet road of 3rd Main Road, 3rd Block, 3rd Stage, Basweshwarnagar unawares as this golden period passed him as quickly as the Sun sets in Time Lapse Photography. And the two years were up.

I knows a massive reunion with everybody wanting to see everybody else is hypothetical. But the mere thought makes him feel good. It fills up the void left by his departure to Symbiland. I today is a happy, content man. He owes it to the annoying Camel and those endless pranks he executed with the reliable Mr B''bjob!

Specially dedicated to
 (yes you are Camel)

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