Sunday, October 31, 2010

My name? Rajni - Rajnikanth I SAY!

I'd written this a while back. It was on Facebook, but since I've moved base here, I thought I should export it. It's pretty relevant, now that Ranjnimania seems to have caught us!

Interviewer: Rajni Saar! It's a pleasure! Today everybody in the studios conducted a pooja and drank kheer for your good health!

Rajni: Oh! Very good! Thank you! I too pray for everybody in the studios and for all the viewers watching nationwide (Flashes a smile, salutes).

*Whistles, applause from the crowd*

Interviewer: Saar, your movie is releasing! Your thoughts on that?

Rajni: Yes. It's that time again! When all my fans, that is, my Gods come to give me their blessings (Raises his hands and acknowledges the heavens). I have always wanted to work for the people! That is why, even at sixty, I never tire doing movies!

Intervewer: And you are looking better than ever Saar! But do tell us why the audience, I mean your Gods, should watch this movie!

Rajni: It has a strong script! There are eight song sequences and four fight sequences, and above all there are the dialogs! I think people should watch the movie for the dialogs! They are as hard hitting as ever!

Interviewer: Lastly Saar, can you please enact one dialog from the film?

Rajni: My name? Rajni - Rajnikanth I SAY!

Applause breaks out from everywhere! The village literally erupts! The only man on stage takes a bow and salutes, Rajni style.

A lungi clad man walks up to the stage with a garland in his hand! He hugs the other man and takes the mike from him and bellows in Tamil!

"Dear brothers and sisters, our Gatekeeper Mani has done a wonderful job! He saw this interview on TV in Chennai two days back, took a bus to the village, and happily accepted our offer to enact it! He not only remembers our beloved Rajni Saar's words but also that of the interviewer's! As a token of appreciation we present him this garland on behalf of the entire village! Here son, wear it!"

Gatekeeper Mani wears the garland proudly and takes another bow. The audience start applauding again! Wait, they're shouting something! What was that?

"Long live Mani! Long live Rajni!"

Mani smiles, looks at the crowd and thinks to himself:
"My name is Mani! Gatekeeper Mani!"

And he does it in his own characteristic style :)

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